It’s Strange/Funny.

So. Back from 2012 self and onto a new year. It’s been almost 5 years already, what have I done then?

It’s funny how you sit down, for real, to ponder about what you’ve accomplished the past few years, only to come up with blank. None. Null. Nothing. It’s quite discouraging at first, then the memories start rising to the surface and you think: Why the heck did I think of that one first? God knows.

It’s 9:21pm. A bit chilly, but I’m in singlet and shorts. No complaints here. I’ve got maths homework to finish, and I always write whenever there’s work to do. That’s how it is. It’s either English or Maths, maybe some miscellaneous subject here and there. I need to stop. Really all addicts of some type, kind and form will utter similar words, and it’s damn true. But the truth doesn’t always manifest in reality, sometimes merely in easy, fallible words.

It’s happening right now. I need to work. But first, let me read another Mark Manson article.



Hi everyone(including my future self!). Kita Winters here.I really have nothing to say but ‘Hi’. I guess I should continue?Alright, my dear reader(s), I’ll give you a choice:

Roll a die!And choose the no. you got below.PS If you cheat…then that spoils the fun :C.If you really,really have to then scroll down and read(If you don’t have a die then randomly choose a from 1-6.


Number 1: Well…Uhm this is awkward,try again or choose another one!

Number 2: You got 2 random facts!(See the irony?)Fact 1: I absolutely adore CHOCOLATES!!! Fact 2: I’m terrible at chess!

Number 3: Go and do something productive.If you insist on continuing, then write a brief description about yourself to me.

Number 4: Chance told me to stop,so I will but nice meeting you!

Number 5: Iwill give you a very brief description: I am a person who likes to write and/or draw as a hobby.The End.

Number 6: :3